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The transition from the then Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources to the National Fisheries Authority has seen the dawn of a new era. Since 2000, a whole turn around in the management and implementation of strategic fiscal expenditures has seen fisheries exports picking up in all our major export commodities.

Generally, the total value of fisheries exports from the periods 2000-2006 has increased significantly. This has been the case because of the prudent management and fiscal approach that NFA has pursued and a stabled economy. The year 2005 was historic for NFA has exports hit close to K300 million. 

The fishing industry has been very vibrant in the past years and is experiencing a robust growth. In the years leading to 1999, the fisheries sector alone has been contributing less than 1% to the annual national Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In the wake of the millennium, exports has been picking up, employment

increased, more on-shore development and initiatives like the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) Initiative has breathed more and promising prospect for the industry as a whole. 

The value of marine products exported was K4.9 million in the September quarter of 2007. The outcome was a result of combined declines in the export price and volume. Employment also declined due to the completion and improvement of projects.