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Audit and Certification Unit Minimize

The Audit and Certification Unit is one of the units within Monitoring, Control and Surveillance Business Group. The ACU unit is responsible for ensuring that seafood processors understand and comply with export quality standards. It is important to ensure that PNG seafood export products comply with the food safety laws and regulations of importing countries, and thereby maintains its access to international markets, particularly Europe.

Core Functions 

  • Manage the official fish and fishery products control systems and processes to ensure PNG meets domestic and international market access requirements
  • Control and regulate fish and fishery products safety and quality programs in accordance with the national and international legislative requirements and best practices;
  • Undertake stakeholder and agency liaison, consultation and cooperation in support of relevant policy development and national and international regulatory compliance   

Priority Actions 

  • Coordinate and facilitate targeted interventions to build technical capacity in seafood safety and regulatory compliance
  • Build ACU capacity in product testing and certification through improving laboratory operations and recruitment of qualified personnel.
  • Establish effective work programs for newly approved  ACU staff positions and ensure timely recruitment to these positions
  • Maintain strategies to ensure ACU performance and capacity in relation to regulatory requirements for audit, certification and reporting
  • Work towards establishing ACU as a separate Business Group
  • Ensure effective stakeholder and agency liaison, consultation and cooperation in support of capacity development for national and international regulatory compliance 
  • Liaise with NFC and other relevant training providers to further develop and implement targeted training and education programs in support of seafood safety and regulatory compliance
  • Coordinate processes to resolve issues and challenges in ensuring PNG meets national and international market access requirements for fish and fishery products