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Enforcement Unit Minimize

The Enforcement Unit is one of the units of Monitoring, Control and Surveillance Business Group that responsible for surveillance and enforcement programs to ensure that holders of fishing and harvesting licenses, both domestic and foreign, understand and comply with the terms and conditions of their licenses.

Core Functions

  • Combat IUU fishing through national, joint regional and sub-regional surveillance and enforcement efforts.
  • Combat breach of licensing conditions by domestic license operators and unregulated operators.
  • Consolidate enforcement duties, linkages and agreements with appropriate enforcement and prosecution agencies and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Coordinate and organize capacity building programs and activities in support of enforcement functions.
  • Participate in new policy initiatives relating to enforcement functions.
  • Cooperate with agencies to provide effective patrols of fisheries waters and the Torres Strait Protected Zone;
  • Coordinate and implement a focused program of fisheries compliance awareness.  

Priority Actions 

  • Building enforcement capacity through the recruitment and training of additional enforcement officers.    
  • Undertake effective consultation, interaction and relationship development with other business groups and enforcement agencies so as to build national enforcement capacity.  
  • Plan and implement a risk identification and mitigation strategy so as to address threats to enforcement performance and MCS operations. 
  • Plan and implement multi-agency surveillance, monitoring and enforcement activities
  • Undertake targeted training to build capacity for successful investigation and prosecution of access and license infringements and IUU activities