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PNG Maru Marines Fisheries Exports Live Lobster into Australia in a few Months Time Minimize



apua New Guinea through the National Fisheries Authority (NFA), Maru Marines Ltd  is expected to export live lobster into Australia especially in Cairns in the next two months when all the necessary requirements and documents are in order. Maru Marines Ltd is a local fishing company based in Daru since 1984.

This will be for the first time for PNG especially NFA to facilitate and assist local fisheries company to export live lobster into Australia. Brett Arlidge, Tropical Rock Lobster General Manager with MG Kailis Group based in Cairns said that PNG lobsters are in high quality and he finds very interesting to purchase lobsters in PNG then elsewhere. Also since PNG and Australia shares the same boarder it makes PNG live lobsters to export into Australia. Recently National Agriculture and Quarantine & Inspection Authority (NAQIA) of PNG and NFA signed MOU.

Under this MOU,NAQIA delegates NFA the responsibility for inspection and sanitary certification of live tropical lobster and this paves the way for the trade of live lobster from the Torres Strait Protected Zone (TSPZ) in Daru into the Australian market. The revised MOU between the two agencies came as a result of the live tropical rock lobster export from the TSPZ in Daru. Report shows Live lobster trade attracts 60% more in value than the frozen tails components, thus making this market viable.  The live lobster trade at present will focus on the TSPZ in the Western Province only.

 Mr Arlidge conducted Training in Daru last week involving NFA Food Auditors, PNG NAQIA, and Industry representatives and Provincial Fisheries Officers to meet the requirements of Biosecurity of Australia so that rock lobsters can be exported to Australia. “This will be eye opener for other local PNG fisheries entrepreneurs if we export live lobsters into Australia”, Meremi Maina Managing Director of Maru Marines said. He said this workshop will assist his staff to handle the seafood products diligently. He said NFA has done a lot to promote, encourage and support local participation in the seafood industry. “Not only that NFA has done extensively well in collaboration with other government departments especially with NAQIA to facilitate to meet the requirements of Biosecurity of Australia”, Mr Maina said