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The growth in the beche-de-mer industry has gradually increased in the last few years, and with it an increase number of participants, as well as the hype of trade activities and multiple financing arrangements between locals and non-citizens. Subsequently this has constraint the allocated resources for monitoring for this fishery by both the National Fisheries Authority and the provincial administration.

There is significant improvement on the quality of the export product, as a result of improving processing method by many operators. It is also attributed to dissemination of information to fishermen on handling of different species and processing techniques.

The overall export has level off to more than 400mt (dried) annually, values as a result of weaker kina against US dollars at more than K21 million. While the establishment of the national management plan has had a positive impact on the sustainability of the fishery at some provinces, there is further need to involve the community in the overall management of the resources under their respective jurisdiction.