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  Finance and Accounts  


Finance & Accounts is responsible for the management of the accounting and finance, risk management, payroll and asset management functions. This includes ensuring tight internal controls are in place to ensure only proper and approved use of all NFA funds and assets and that NFA meets all its statutory financial reporting obligations under the Fisheries Management Act 1998. Finance also provides managers with reliable, timely financial reports and information to facilitate good decision-making throughout the organization.

Core Functions

  • Collecting, investing, disbursement and managing funds derived from NFA operations in accordance with NFA policy and legal requirements

  • Recording and reporting financial transaction to provide useful financial information for decision making and control and meet legal reporting requirement;

  • Coordinating and assisting with preparation of the annual plan and budget;

  • Ensuring compliance with financial statutory reporting requirements under the Fisheries Management Act;

  • Calculating and paying salaries, allowances and deductions in accordance with contracts and remuneration policies; and

  • Managing financial aspects of asset management in relation to the utilization and stewardship of land, buildings, office furniture, vehicles, infrastructure and other assets owned or leased by NFA


Priority Objectives

  • To undertake efficient & compliant collecting, investing, disbursing & managing funds derived from NFA operations in accordance with NFA policies and statutory requirements and recording and reporting financial transactions in order to provide useful financial information for decision making

  • To provide efficient services to our internal customers in calculating and paying salaries, allowances and deductions and ensuring effective management of NFA Fixed Assets.


Priority Actions

  • Timely provision of management and financial reports

  • Timely payment of creditors

  • Maintain internal control systems and procedures

  • Ensure effective Risk Management

  • Facilitate budget and annual plan process

  • Daily completion of license receipts for funds received from invoicing

  • Undertake expenditure reviews

Key Performance Indicators

  • NFA Board expresses positive endorsement for NFA financial management and audit reporting and NFA clients and Government demonstrate satisfaction with NFA financial transparency

  • Management approval of financial and audit reports

  • Timely dissemination of monthly reports on annual budget progress are provided to all NFA budget managers

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