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Project Management  


Core Functions

• Ensuring effective project identification, design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and sustainability beyond project completion
• Undertaking economic and benefit analysis in relation to major fisheries projects
• Facilitating the successful negotiation of fisheries trade agreements
• Maintaining effective working relationships, networks and strategic partnerships in pursuit of successful project identification, implementation and sustainability


Priority Objectives

• To successfully complete and subsequently monitor impact projects aimed at empowering and improving the quality of life for the people of Papua New Guinea
• To undertake cost benefit analysis and socio-economic surveys of major impact projects and trade negotiations so as to validate viability and benefit
• To undertake key leadership in relevant trade negotiations so as to ensure positive outcomes for Papua New Guinea


Priority Actions

• Undertake consultation with key stakeholders to identify and define project opportunities
• Design effective project proposals
• Strengthen and train professional staff who are multi-skilled in relation to effective project development, management and trade negotiations
• Improve coordination of key line agencies to ensure effective project implementation
• Identify and secure funding opportunities for project support
• Continuous development of the NFA project portfolio and sustained monitoring and evaluation capacity
• Assess and adopt best practice models for local-level participation and ownership in project activity
• Effective international trade negotiations and associated economic benefit analysis

Key Performance Indicators

• NFA managed projects are completed on scheduled and within budget and project monitoring and evaluation plans are in place and implemented
• Production of timely reports on project economic evaluation, cost benefit analysis and socio-economic surveys
• Successful trade negotiation exemplified through signed and binding agreements

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