Strategic Control  

Our strategic control mechanisms will ensure that risks of all manners will be effectively managed so as to ensure that NFA does not suffer from strategic drift and a lack of implementation of its priority objectives and therefore the overall mission statement of this Corporate Plan.


Requisite strategies to ensure the effective implementation of this Corporate Plan entail:

• Up-scaling of individual and organizational capabilities
• Effective marketing of corporate plan to improve broader buy-in and effective implementation
• Alignment of Corporate Plan to the budgetary allocation process and development planning within the NFA through the NFA MTDS
• Well informed Board and Ministry
• Effective HRM strategy
• Building of new NFA Building and securing of temporary office space
• Close protection of proprietary information
• Improved customer service focus
• Regularised and effective Senior Management Meetings
• Effective communication strategy
• Effective staff retainment strategy and equitable performance management practices
• Workable housing program

The Managing Director and the Board will effectively exercise strategic control over the implementation of the 2008-2012 Corporate Plan through the implementation of a quarterly and 6-montly reporting template (Appendix 1) from Executive Managers and a compulsory Annual Work Plan template (Appendix 2). This should go towards a balance score card reporting framework or traffic light reporting dash board.