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  Licensing and Data Management  


The Licensing and Data Management Group is responsible for processing license applications and renewals, receiving and entering catch and export data into relevant databases, providing information to stakeholders and regional organizations.

Core Functions

  • Effective, timely and compliant administration of the NFA licensing processes

  • Monitoring and ensuring the integrity, accuracy and completeness of data received under licensing requirements and ensuring data entry, security, analysis and dissemination processes are in place


Priority Objectives

  • To streamline the licensing process to ensure integrity and timely due process to meet the needs of both NFA and license holders

  • To liaise with Corporate Services to realign the function of library and file management within NFA


Priority Actions

  • Ensure timely processing of license applications and timely issuance of approved licenses and implement the recommendations of the licensing review as directed by the NFA Board

  • Ensure strict, accurate and timely reporting of catch and export data to NFA by licensed operators and maintain close cooperation with MCS in implementing non-compliance response actions

  • Maintain a central fisheries database and publish reports and summaries for internal and external clients.


Key Performance Indicators

  • Establishment of a timely license process as exemplified by the level of clients satisfaction as reported to the Directorate and the Board

  • Successful operation of a secure and user friendly database that provides effective storage and retrieval of information and tools for analysis as exemplified in the provision of datasets and information to agreed users as reported to the Directorate and the Board

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