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  • 1. Face Mask Wearing - It is mandatory that all staff wear face masks m all NFA offices where overcrowding is unavoidable. 

  • 2.    Temperature checks - Infrared thermometers have been installed in all NFA offices. Staff are encouraged to check their temperatures if feeling unwell. Staff with high temperatures (37.5 and above) will be asked to leave the office premises and seek medical attention.

  • 3.    Hand Sanitizing - Hand sanitizers have been installed in all NFA offices hence staff are encouraged to sanitize their hands regularly.

  • 4.    Social Distancing - Staff are reminded to maintain physical distancing (1.5- 2m) m and around the office environment.

  • 5.    Attendance Register - Staff are encouraged to register their attendance to work at all times to enable contact tracing in the event of employees showing symptoms of COVID-19 and are tested positive.

  • 6.    Business Travels - The staff are encouraged to ensure adherence to the requirements of Pandemic Measure#3 when arranging official travels.

  • 7.    Persons of Interest (POI) - In the event an Officer is considered a POI, he or she will be referred to the nearest health facility to do relevant COVID-19 tests and to refrain from accessing the office for 7 days or until the results return negative then they will be asked to return to work. In the event the Officer is confirmed COVID-19 positive, NFA will work closely with the Health Authorities to ensure all possible medical support is rendered to the best interest of the Officer. The infected NFA Office to be locked down and disinfected with disinfectants immediately.

  • 8. External Clients Covid-19 Measures - Staff are advised to observe COVID-19 measures instituted by the external clients including the office building managements, service providers and industry operators in respective NFA Offices and operations.

  • 9. COVID-19 Vaccination - Staff are advised that NFA's request to the Pandemic Controller for the administration of COVID-19 vaccines to the staff (on voluntary basis) at the NFA Office premises is not practicable as COVID-19 vaccines are only administered at the public health facilities.  COVID-19 vaccination is not mandatory however as we live and work amidst the pandemic, getting a vaccine is a step forward in taking charge of our health and also to prepare us to meet other professional obligations.  If the staff wish to obtain COVID-19 vaccination, be encouraged to visit tt􀀄􀀅 any government sanctioned health facilities near you. For the staff at HQ, Covid-19 vaccination is administered at the Rita Flynn Courts in Boroko. Staff in the port offices, aquaculture facilities and the NFC are encouraged to visit their nearest Provincial Health facilities in the respective provincial centres. 


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